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As a dynamic team of Meta tech providers based in South America,
we're not just your average consultants; we're a powerhouse of creativity and technical skill.
Specializing in WhatsApp API development and harnessing the power of Generative AI such as OpenAI,
we're here to transform your visionary ideas into tangible realities.

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Xenio Whatsapp API

Xenio specializes in AI-driven WhatsApp API solutions, crafting seamless conversational experiences for our clients.

About Us

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Beyond Consulting

At Xenio, we have created dozens of products for our clients, but we're also entrepreneurs ourselves.
Our first project, XmartClock, was a timeclock app that we built and sold for six figures.
Nowadays, when we're not working on client projects, we're working on our exciting new start-up, Callendar.
Callendar helps health providers in Latin America schedule appointments through WhatsApp.
Additionally, we have developed our own WhatsApp white-label bulk messaging tool, complete with a chatbot powered by AI.
We're excited to use our skills to help you bring your product ideas to life.

Our Work


Introducing Our Talented Team

Fernando Rivero

Founder & CEO

Beau Grzanich

US Country Manager

Eduardo Fortes

DevOps Engineer

Facundo Suarez

Nodejs Developer

Rocio Pla


Alaila Fern√°ndez

Product Manager

Nael Chhaytli

Conversational Marketing Manager

Darwin Alves

Nodejs Developer

Luiz Heinzen

WhatsApp API Technical Consultant

Ziad Hazem

Software Engineer / OpenAI expert


Xenio | WhatsApp API
WhatsApp API

Xenio specializes in developing and scaling conversational backend systems, offering expert services in WhatsApp API automation.
Our team excels in creating robust solutions that enhance and expand your chat functionalities, ensuring seamless scalability to meet growing business demands.

Xenio | OpenAI Gen AI
OpenAI Gen AI

We harness the capabilities of the OpenAI API to create advanced chat solutions that go beyond simple chatbots, integrating seamlessly with WhatsApp.
Our expertise lies in crafting intelligent conversational agents that leverage the power of AI to understand and respond to complex queries with precision.



Xenio Software Development

Services / Mobile Development


AWS Lambda | Android | MongoDB | PHP

XmartClock is a time and attendance system with facial recognition and GeoLocation that runs on smartphones.

Xenio | project

Services / Product Development


AWS | NodeJS | MongoDB | Whatsapp-API | OpenAI

First application combining CHATGPT + Whatsapp API for scheduling and sending reminders to patients of Dentists, Aestheticians, and other professionals.

Xenio | project

Services / Product Development


AWS | NodeJS | MongoDB

On-premises WhatsApp chatbot and bulk messaging solution integrated with OpenAI. This chatbot allows for the collection of WhatsApp leads, enabling the scheduling and execution of bulk messaging campaigns.

WhatsApp Business API

It is official!

We are excited to announce our partnership with 360dialog, one of the world's leading BSPs, as well as our recognition as
Meta tech providers. As a recognized Meta tech provider and in partnership with 360dialog, Xenio now has the capability to directly onboard clients, granting access to the WhatsApp Business API.
Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you throughout the entire process, from onboarding your business and increasing your daily message rate limit from 1k to 10k and eventually to 100k,
to integrating your numbers with a chatbot powered by Generative AI for WhatsApp bulk automated messaging campaigns.

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We were born on Upwork , and we have more than 10k hours of work for clients worldwide.

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Chatbot development for Whatsapp
Murray Newlands

Founder at Chattypeople.com and forbes contributor / NY - USA

Xenio | review

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Xenio. It was a pleasure of working with this team for the past several months. During this time, we worked together on multiple projects related to chatbot and AI activities. They are creative, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills. I have always been completely satisfied with their performance.

Xenio | review
Chatbot development for Whatsapp
Vincent Kobayashi

CEO of Codebusters, Inc. / CA - USA

Xenio | review

The team I worked with was amazing: 1. They helped me visualize the final product for greater client impact - consulting role 2. Great UI, beautiful 3. They seem to be able to program anything 4. Really patient when I kept changing the project.

Xenio | review
Chatbot development for Whatsapp
Jorn Eiting van Liempt

Co-Founder Seenons / Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Xenio | review

I can say nothing but positive things about Xenio. Good work ethics, positive mindset, a can-do attitude and his willingness to think along with us for a better business result.

Xenio | review
Chatbot development for Whatsapp
Diana Saville

Co-Founder and COO at BrainMind / MA - USA

Xenio | review

Xenio is a fantastically responsive and talented team. They took over a project mid-stream and were able to bring it past the finish line with speed, reliability, and intuitiveness. I have complete trust in this team and I will definitely work with them again for my next mobile app project. A+++!

Xenio | review
Robert Konopka

Board Member & CTO at 360dialog / Munich - Germany

Xenio | review

Thousands of businesses in more than 100 countries rely on 360dialog as their official WhatsApp API provider. We hired Fernando as a Product Engineer, and he went beyond his technical role. I would highly recommend Fernando, and his team, for any WhatsApp engineering-related tasks.

Xenio | review
Tasmin Trezise

President at Workforce.com & Founder at Tanda / Australia

Xenio | review

I had the opportunity to meet and work with Fernando and his team both in their home country and in Chicago. With their deep understanding of the LatAm market and strong software development skills, this team is the top choice.

Xenio | review

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